Ants – Fixed Price £90 +VAT

THS Pest Control are experts in the control of ants in your home for a fixed fee of £90 +VAT. Ants are not dangerous but are a nuisance, on hot Summer days literally 1000’s of Ants can be seen (larger Ants with wings are Queens) which seemingly just appear from nowhere. This phenomenon is known as ‘On the Wing’ this is the mating season.

How We Treat Ants:

  • Determine the Ant Species as different techniques need to be used, dependent on the Ant
  • Insecticidal Gels are the norm for treating Ant infestations. As Ant nests are usually underground and hard to locate, Gel is applied to area where Ants are visible. The slow acting Gel is sweet, which the Ants consider a food source this is taken back to the nest and fed to the Queens. Once the Queens are eradicated, no more Ants can be reproduced.
  • 24/7 call outs

For a quick reliable Ant Control service Call THS Pest Control on 0113 2854505.