Fleas – Fixed Price £180 +VAT (2 Visits)

THS Pest Control are experts in flea control and treatment within the Leeds area for a fee of £180 +VAT (includes 2 visits). From our experience, it takes two separate treatments for the effective removal of fleas. Our fixed price covers you for two visits to solve your problem.

There are many reasons why there could be fleas in your home. If there have been previous owners in your home before you with pets, they could have left a problem behind. You may notice that your pet is scratching, this could be an indicator your pet has fleas. Fleas need a host (your Dog/Cat) when an infestation is established they jump from them to you.

Fleas can be difficult to spot but if bitten you can come out in a rash on your skin. They are not harmful but are extremely irritating, treating the problem quickly stops the fast reproducing Fleas causing more discomfort. We strongly recommend that you don’t use products sold by your vet. The amount of our customers who have spent 100’s of pounds on these products, then still need our assistance is huge.

How we treat fleas:

  • Your pet should be taken to vet, and treated for Fleas.
  • The property needs vacuuming prior to our visit, and as much clutter as possible needs lifting from the floor.
  • A water based insecticidal spray treatment is carried out to every room in the house, including soft furnishings
  • 2nd Treatment is carried out a week later
  • 24/7 call outs

If you have a flea problem Call THS Pest Control for a fast discreet, reliable service on 0113 2854505.