Mice – Fixed Price £120 +VAT (2 Visits)

THS Pest Control offers a fixed fee of £120 +VAT (includes 2 visits) for our mouse control service. Mice spread diseases due to weak bladder control therefore contaminating work-surfaces and the food that you eat. You should take action quickly if you think that you have a mouse infestation in your home.

We arrive discreetly in unmarked vehicles, treat you’re problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are no hidden fees, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

Common signs that you may have an infestation are chewed food packets, and material, chewed holes in skirting boards, cupboards doors or floorboards. You may also see little mouse droppings around wall floor junctions.

How we Control a Mouse problem

  • A technical inspection is carried out to your property
  • We determine and carry out the best method of treatment
  • Indoors 1 visit should solve the problem, if you are dealing with the problem immediately, extra visits may be required if you have left a problem a long time without taking action, as Mice can breed quickly. A lot of Pest Control Company’s will try and sell you 3 visits, if your problem is sorted out in 1 visit, why would you want to pay for 3? Please note we are legally obliged to carry out a minimum of 2 visits for problems outside of your property, any further visits are charged @ £
  • 24/7 call outs

If you have a mouse problem then Call THS Pest Control today and we will provide you with a fast, reliable and discreet service. Contact us on 0113 2854505.