Wasps – Fixed Price £60 +VAT

THS Pest Control are experts in wasp control and wasp nest removal in the Leeds area for a fixed fee of £60 +VAT. Queens come out of hibernation in Spring looking for nesting sites in which she can reproduce. Once a site is found she will start to build a nest using chewed wood, fauna and saliva (basically Papemache). Up to 10,000 wasps is the norm in large colonies, which if disturbed can cause great pain and distress because unlike Bees, Wasps can sting you over and over, in severe cases causing anaphylactic shock and even death.

How We Treat Wasp Nests:

  • Locate the nest
  • Treat using an Insecticidal Dust, and remove the nest wherever possible
  • 24/7 call outs

For a quick and reliable wasp and wasp nest removal service in West Yorkshire Call THS Pest Control today on 0113 2854505.